NAS Device

How to use a NAS device as a home media server

network Attached Storage is known as NAS

How to use a NAS device as a home media server: Network Attached Storage is known as NAS. It is a process that attaches with your network hard drive and make it accessible for all device for centralised backup and file sharing.The below given process will tell properly that how to use your device as a home media server.
NAS dedicated devices: The way to get NAS one need to purchase ready to use or a pre-made device. One need to purchase devices online website like, Amazon and search for it in result one will get bunch of it marketed as a server media or home file. These tools have built in basic server and in which can be connected to your wired network, Wi-Fi and provide a file server. All are in one solution so one should not to worry about it, just grab a box and plug it in and the device is ready to use.

Routers with built in hard drives: For using devices one can purchase higher end Wi-Fi routers which are comes with built in hard drive. These device functions are known as typical network router but they all have software server and can be use without adding another device to your household.

Routers with USB ports: There are many kinds of which don’t include built in but they all offers something very good, especially higher end ones which includes, USB port. One can use them very easily with the help of USB port, don’t need to do anything with that, just enable them from web and tool is ready to use.

Network attached drive enclosures: Rather that attempting to use router as or purchasing a pre made NAS. All these are very dedicated tools which are fully appropriate and supporting with the server tool and especially designed to connect to a network. For this one should purchase appropriate separately because don’t come with any built in hard drive. After purchasing appropriate device one need to insert them in to the NAS and now will get the storage and it is ready to use.